Come with me, and you’ll be in a world of pure degen elation

If you’re like me, you’re a no-good degen. Good. Misery loves company. Lucky for you though, you’ve stumbled across my shit. Congratulations, I’m about to make you a lot of fucking money.

“Bullshit, Mr. Brambles.” You say. I shit you not, dear reader.

2017 brought you one of the biggest crypto pamps since BTC went from 40 to the dollar to $200 each. And though 2020’s bull run has been pretty insane for altcoins, it ain’t nothing on this newest shitcoin.

What if I told you there was a coin that could guarantee at least $24k on dividends in a bear market alone? What if I told you this little shitcoin had the potential to be one of the highest coin caps to ever exist? What if I told you it was one giant Starcraft 2 shitpost? If you don’t think I’m shilling a rugpull at this point, there’s something fucking wrong with you, because even when I got in, I was sweating bullets watching like a hawk the chat rooms, contracts, and charts, just waiting for the big red dildo to bend me over the ass.

What I’ve gotten instead is 1 on 1 conversations with the Founder. I’ve gotten video after video of excavated land, of GPU mining farms and facilities, pictures of hash rates, and racks and racks of mining rigs with time stamped receipts by the same guy. And best of all, if you want some of these coins, you don’t have to do jack shit other than farm them on their website. No ICO, no pre-sale, no dev reserves. They farm just the same as everyone else.

“Okay, okay, enough. Tell me the scamcoin so I can tell you to fuck off and degen my money elsewhere.”

They’re Pylon.Finance, and their model is tethered to tangible assets, yielding returns on properties and facilities. Their current coins are $PYLON, $SOLARI, and $KASH, with $CROWN, and $KASSIA-HOME (the ticker has yet to be released) in the very near pipeline.

$PYLON was the first of their coin line. Established on the basis of a nearing, massive GPU mine. It is here where dividends will be the largest, earning APY on ETH mining fees, PoW protocol and a percent of all profits from other coins.

$SOLARI is a coin tethered to solar panel arrays to be built, and its harvest sold to Duke Energy out in the East Coast.

Their third set of coins fall under their Kassia line. $KASH, $CROWN, and $KASSIA-HOME are effectively one coin split into three. All coins are tethered to real estate, and they are Hotels, Commercial, and Home, respectively.

They have a Telegram, Discord, and Twitter, and an abundant community with active admins. I own some, and I suggest you pick some up too, before it’s too late. $PYLON mining pools have closed, $SOLARI halved this week, and the first Kassia pool, $KASH, opened yesterday. But with or without you, this train is headed for the moon.






If the right people found out who I was, I’d be excommunicated. Maybe worse.